16 April, 2011

Settling In

There were several toys that we had to show Mae how to use... but there are just a few things she knew just what to do with.
And her shoes - this girl LOVES shoes.

We think she is the cutest, sweetest, little girl in the whole world. And she is...

That being said, she would NOT nap the other day and she was SO very tired. She cried, well screamed, when I put her down, when I walked with her, rocked her, read, and played... it was a very hard hour. I finally put her back in her crib, turned the volume off on the monitor for a couple minutes and went down stairs and enjoyed myself a Cadbury egg. After that we were all good. (:

We are learning so many things about her, about each other and what our lives look like as three. She has just started sleeping through the night but she is not on her schedule yet. I know we will settle in soon.


  1. Cute pictures Love her shoes! , so happy that she will finally start sleeping through the night.

    she's so pretty and sweet glad everything is going well for ya'll

  2. madison has those shoes the rubberrues with her phone =)

  3. yay for sleep! Mae is such a darling. Lily has been having fun looking at her pictures on the blog. She loves shoes, too....that was her favorite one!

    So happy for you all :)

  4. So glad she has started sleeping through the night for you guys! She is so sweet!!


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