04 April, 2011

One week with our Mae

Our little darling has been with us for one week now and she fits so perfectly into our lives it is hard for us to believe it has only been days that we have known her. She is so perfect and sweet... and yes she has a little mischief about her too. There are so many characteristics about her that make her so unique and special.
We got her squeaky shoes that are red silk and so pretty on our China girl (Liz would love them!) She has loved squeaking with each step and it is pretty cute I must say. Cody said we wouldn't be buying squeaky shoes because they are annoying but you know that all changed with one look at Mae.

We went to a shopping area that was gigantic - seemed bigger than NYC and on top of that it was the holiday so most people were off work and there with us. It was a little overwhelming and our guide was telling us to watch our belongings because in a crowd there will be pick-pockets... nothing but a good experience though!
This is a one of two 6 story malls! Crazy big (reminded me of the Apparel Mart in ATL)
Do you spot where we had lunch??
good 'ole Mickey Ds!
We went on a river boat cruise for dinner and to see all the lights of the city. This city is so big and we rode the cruise for a long time and never left the stretch of lit up buildings.
Mae has on her Poppy's glasses and she knew she was being funny (: She is quite entertaining!
The city lights were amazing!
We are having a good time but still each day we miss home more and more. We are ready to be back with family, friends and familiarity! Cody and Mae are feeling much better today!


  1. looks like a great shopping trip! love the lights at night... I would be eatting Mcdonalds too if I was there ! haha thats cute.
    Enjoy the rest of the week !!
    She's so Sweet and Beautiful!


  2. We are ready for you to come home also. Love the pictures. You are such a pretty family. See you soon.

  3. 2 1/2 weeks is a long time to be away from home! Just a few more days :).

    Miss y'all!

  4. Glad to hear that Cody and Mae are feeling better. Love all of your pictures and love your little darling! (we bought squeaky shoes for Lily, too. Once home, we removed the "squeaks"....they were making Woody crazy!)

    Not much longer and you'll be on the journey home. Enjoy these last few days in China. All of your memories will mean so much to you and baby Mae.

    hugs :)


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