25 April, 2011

So much to Celebrate!

This day is definitely a day for rejoicing. Cody and I have a new understanding this year of God's sacrifice to offer His child to come be with us, knowing what His people would do to Him... and His Son being willing to come. It is unfathomable what Jesus did for us.
Mae woke up to an Easter basket and we rushed to get ready for church and an afternoon at the grandparents. Getting ready this morning was sooo much different with a little one. There are so many things to pack to be gone all day... goodness. It's a wonder we got to church! I thought many many times of all my friends that show up with their children, all put together and well behaved. Bless you! I am getting the hang of this...
Mae's ADORABLE dress is from her Nanny... it was so precious on her and I was giddy getting her ready in the morning. She even had crinoline and the cutest bloomers (: This momma was in heaven.
Mae is so blessed to have so many people in her life that LOVE her.
Her Grandma opened the eggs so Mae could get to the treats inside.
And our family was more than happy to share in Mae's joy of all her eggs.

Love that we had our girl right where she belongs this Easter. We can not wait for all the years to come with her!!


  1. She is so precious! I'm so truly happy for you guys that you have your sweet mae in your lifes and that she was home in time for easter!!

    Love all the pictures Beautiful dress!

  2. Love your sweet Easter pictures!


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