06 April, 2011

Zoo Day

We visited the zoo today... it was a good zoo but Mae really didn't care about the animals. The animals were more for us but she did love being out and about and was absolutely amazing all day. We have been so blessed with this girl!!

A cold front actually came through and made the temperature 50-60s today. Which is just fine with us, we walked around the zoo for hours and were very comfortable. Mae loves wearing a hat!

Can you see the black cat right under the head of the giraffe? Kitty is lucky giraffes don't eat furry things.
hello, camera!

And lastly, our sweet girl giving kisses. These are so precious to get and I know Poppy was over the moon (:


  1. Mae looks so cute in her hat and the picture of her kissing her Poppy is so precious! Looks like you've got a little love bug!

  2. very sweet pictures love her teddy bear hat!

  3. Those giraffes ain't got nothin on the giraffes at the Atlanta zoo :).


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