07 April, 2011

Last Full Day!

I forgot what the name of this flowering tree is called here but there are beautiful, huge red blooms all over it... it is what the island is known for and it is amazing. The flowers will fall from the sky and twirl all the way down and spin like a top on the sidewalk. The people here all run to retrieve them.
Mae has picked up two of the flowers and is finding good uses for them (:

These are statues on the island... little line of children (: One day when we come back we can see how much bigger she's grown.
I love this moment captured. She fits into our family so perfectly.
She thinks she wants what her dad is eating.
Looks good and we'd expect a kid to like it...
but oh no! YUCK - she hates anything cold - Mer, she is just like you (: My sister would ask to have her ice cream microwaved when we were little.
This is the 22 month old son of a shop owner here named Jenny. They were giving many hugs and it was adorable.

Today we taught her to say "please" in sign language - (it is rubbing your chest in a circle) she is extra into it and uses both hands! She is very pleased with herself.


  1. What a smart little thing :). absolutely love the pic of Mae with your parents. Praying for safe and smooth travels on the way home(and a happy baby)! Yay for home!

  2. very Sweet picture with your parents, love the picture of her with the children statue....

    Hope all travels will be smooth and safe



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